The Life Of An Unstable Man

'Screw this, why does this happen to me always? Why!? Every single time my life is 'perfect' something screws it up. Can't I catch a break already? I'm heading into my thirties but I haven't had anything stable so far. Career wise, relationship wise, anything! Argh I should just quit on this whole finding happiness thingy majigy.' Brey said thinking out loud.

Ever lost your mother, fiancée, girlfriend, job and your house in a space of 12 months? No? Well Brey had lost it all. The year of Brey started off with the loss of his darling mother. After a 2 year struggle with Breast cancer, the strong fight finally succumbed to her death last year October. At the time, she was very eager about the wedding of her only son which was planned for the following year March. The only compensation to his loss was that he got a chance to say goodbye to her. He was with her the day she died, not the specific time she died though but it was better than nothing. The last memory he had of his mother was her saying, 'Son, I've watched you grow from a child into the young man you are today and i was happy that I was there to see the transition. I'm just sad that I won't be there to see my grandchildren as they grow.' I guess the old timer knew her biological ticker was on its last ticks. She passed that very evening after saying those words. 'At least she died a peaceful death,' he kept trying to reassure himself. The funeral was a small sad occasion, nothing too fancy because that was one of her last dying wishes.

Unfortunately for Brey, this was only the beginning of his miserable year. Within a month, he lost another prestigious thing in his life, his ...



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