Diary Of An Introvert Teen


Dear Diary

Well, this is quite new to me so umm I don't know how to start. Anyway let me start by introducing myself. My name is Jam Jr. People tend to think that I'm a lonely person but truth is I love my quietness. I am always lost in my thoughts. Another truth is that I hate my life. Since I was a child, I've always been the unluckiest in my family. My mom and dad are stuck in a dead marriage. They don't even talk to each other. My big brother rarely talks to anyone and last week moved into the garage. So literally I have no one to talk to in the house that's why I opted for you. School is like another version of home. I am in Grade 12, but I don't have any friends. I dislike everyone in my school. But truth of the matter is that I dislike humans in total. I sometimes feel like they are just total bullkak excuse my swearing. Oh, I swear a lot. Well most of the times it is in my head but still yes I swear a lot. I do have a friend though. He is similar to me. We get each other. He hates humans as much as I do, he is in a different school though so we usually write each other. I visit him once a month or so and vice-versa. Anyway, before I digress, let me carry on with my life story. Yes unluckiest child ever. Well my family travels a lot, I love travelling too. It kinda relaxes me and helps me forget about the anger I have inside and all. But then the problem is that out of all my 18 years on Earth I've done It twice with my parents. The last 5 years they have been to 3 different continents and never took me along. They would talk about expenses blah blah blah but then last time they went with my brother and said I needed to go to my grandma. Unfair right? I hate it as well. Anyway, yes that's part of my life. I will let you know more about it next time because the maid just called us to have supper. Oh, yes we have a maid who is practially my mother because she knows my nickname which my mother doesn't even care about. That Diary, is the story of my life. Talk to you soon.


Jam Jr.


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