What makes you different?

Okay, i know this is different from anything i've ever posted about but then i've been meaning to address this issue. OKay let me first of start by saying im very straight, i have a girl i love and all. So, what if i was gay? Would i hate myself also? Would i want to be hate to for being me? Would i want to be judged for that? I feel like there is no difference between Homophobia and Racism. White people used to hate Black people for different reasons and thought they were the superior race and we found that bad and wrong but yet the same people are hating on Homosexuals just because they ain't heterosexuals and we think its wrong? How does that make us different? How does that make us better than those whites who looked down on Blacks? I know some people don't share the same views as i do but do i have to hate them for that? Just because i like my ice cream Vanilla and you like yours Chocolate does it give you the right to look down on me and judge me for my choice? Don't forget that i also think that your choice doesnt make sense and is the wrong on so who is right in the end. If you listen to Gospel and i listen to Trap all dat errday does that give you the right to judge me? Just because i smoke and you dont does that make you better than me and give you a reason to judge me? Just because i had a child at 17 and you had a child at 30 when you were married and financially stable does that make you better than me and give you the right to judge me? Why preach hate when you don't want to be hated and judged for doing you? So i feel like we should stop judging people and what they are doing. Judgement day is coming, where we will all be judged but you aint the jury of the judgement so please don't judge anyone. So please don't judge anyone for being homosexual as much as you dont want them to judge you for being heterosexual. Stay Blessed and Preach Love 👊✌ 


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