So today I felt like asking him; ‘Have you ever cheated on her?’ and surprisingly he answered honestly, I don’t know if it was the liquor in his system or he just needed someone to talk to then he said,
‘Let me tell you a story. I grew up believing in love, a full blown out Christian who believed in falling in love with your soul mate, getting married to them, having children, providing for the family and living happily ever after but that’s not how real life is. I met her when I was 26 years and she was 21. I had just found a job so she came about at a perfect time in my life. She was perfect at that time; beautiful, honest, a Christian, wanted children and seemed like the perfect wife. Not to say all bad, she was the good wife in the beginning; stayed home, cooked for me, gave it to me when I wanted, satisfied me in the best possible ways. We were enjoying ourselves for the first 3 years. That was the honeymoon phase I tell you. Well, yes onto the fourth year and trouble began, she stopped cooking, started complaining about how im not providing when I was taking care of the children and her as she didn’t work. I cried about it some night when she called me the b**** of the house but then again I had to dust myself up and try to do her better. Then came the day…’ He took another sip from his Armstel Laager bottle to quench his thirst before he continued again saying, ‘Yes where was i? Oh that day (he laughed mockingly but I could hear the hurt in his laughter). I had decided to come back from work at midday. Upon parking t the driveway, I noticed an unusual car park at my pace directly in line with our house but I just brushed it off and went home. I decided to unlock the door gently and let myself surprise her but little did I know id be the surprised one. I found her lying on the couch with her naked self on an unidentified man. My heart broke to pieces but I just kept quiet and snailed out of there. Ever since that day, a year ago, I have been having numerous of affairs. I guess she taught me not to trust anyone at all because even to this day she doesn’t know I know, so much for telling each other everything like we promised on our vows.’
I was shocked and perplexed to hear this come from the one man I thought was loyal and a role model in these relationships but then I guess death is the only assurance, the others we never really know.


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