She jumped onto her bed, tears still running down her face. Lost in transition and still processing what just occurred. It hurt her deeply doing what she had just done but she knew honestly that it had to be done. Giving up on a half dozen of fun, love, hurt and joy was the hardest thing she had ever done but she couldn’t do it anymore. The love she had for him had hit its breaking point; enough was enough. On her clothes-filled single bed in her two storey, her face on her black Fugey bra, which was soaked already in more tears than she had ever let out, Zee kept on contemplating on whether what she did was the right to do. She had just broken up with Yen after she found out he cheated with the same girl he had said nothing would happen with. Funny enough, this wasn’t the first time Yen had cheated but the only difference is that this time he had overdone it. He had cheated on her birthday, the one time she needed and wanted him but he was in Iugno licking and touching her and to come back the following day and lie about his mother being terminally ill. Zee never felt anything like this; at one moment she felt like puking then the next she felt like eating, then the tears started rolling down her face again. Never has Zee ever loved a guy like she did with Yen. He had started out like the perfect gentlemen back when she was still in another relationship with Moo. She even fell in love with him way before they dated and she left her ex for him. First few months were heavenly, they were so in love, he let her know how he was feeling, pouring out his heart to her, texting her single moment, sending nudes every now and then, making her miss him even way more. Her friends told her it was going to end really soon if he is that perfect but she hated to believe that so she just blocked them out, left those friends and made new ones who appreciated Yen as a good guy. Well yeah it was good and perfect, the first 3 years were awesome in fact and then on the 4th year he finally proposed. It was so romantic, like a fairytale, she was late for their dinner reservation at Hell’s Kitchen so she went home planning to slip into some dress immediately and pass to the restaurant. Upon arrival at home, she finds a little boy in the sitting room on the couch. Perplexed she screams, freaks out and asks the boy what he was doing there. The boy said he had a message for her and said, ‘Will you marry me Zee? From Yen’ and the kid presented her with an engagement ring. She started crying and said yes to the kid with Yen jumping from the back of the couch to kiss her passionately. Anyway, so they were engaged for a year when Yen started acting all weird; He stop all the spontaneously, started going for trips more than usual, started missing their appointments, acted as if he didn’t care, came home when she was already sleeping. The warning signs were all there presented to poor little Zee but she chose to ignore her thinking it is all in her mind but it wasn’t. One eventful Saturday, a young lady came to the house and stood at the gate for Yen. He came out and they started quarrelling. She was wondering what was going on but did not think anything. After 15 minutes of quarrelling, she decided enough is enough, she should check what is up and she found out that the woman just found out that Yen was taken and came to confront him. They had been having an affair for 7 months now and she was just there left out in the dark not knowing anything. She was devastated. She didn’t even eat that night, took her stuff, left her house and went to her best friend’s place to spend the weekend there. Her friend calmed her significantly and convinced her to at least talk to him. She did that, he explained some crappy lie he had been planning for years it seemed and she forgave him. That was two years back and they made it through the 2 years slowly and surely but then this time it was enough, he cheated with his latest lab assistant and she found out by trying to surprise him and finding them on his desk. It hurt her too deep, she broke it off right there, everything and ran home and now lying on her bed, Zee keeps wondering and hoping for a silver lining behind the dark cloud, a little light at the end of the tunnel because right now, weeping, she cannot see anything.


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