What Is Love?

I used to know what loving someone was until I found ya. I used to not understand what they meant you'd do anything to protect the one you love til I started protecting ya. I never really understood what they meant when they said that true love doesn't choose, it happens until I fell in love with you. But what's love really? What's the love I have you? Is it material? Is it the intimate moments we have together? Is it the long chats we have? Is it the way you are beautiful? No, the truth is idk why I love you. Idk you might think? Yes idk meaning that I have millions of reasons for loving ya so I can't really choose one. So what is love? I know I can't speak for errone but the truth is to me, love is that bond you have with someone, those moments you spend together. Those things that no one can ever replace. Those songs you dedicate to each other, those love letters you write each other, those naughty things you do together. So let love find you, stop searching for it because if its really worth it, it will find you. Idk if true love really exist but I do know something exists, so umm stay patient 😂


  1. well this is extremely deep Tee!makes one wonder if they have ever even fallen in deep and true love given how complex it is.. but still...we all yearn for it!


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