All my life I had been holding a grudge on him. Everyday the grudge, hate, resentment and anger would grow unit, a point whereby it consumed me. Every single day I vowed to show him that I'm better than him, that I'm a man without his guidance or help. But what did I hate most about my dad, was it because he left me when I was born? Or that he wasn't there for me in primary school the other kids made fun of  how I'm fatherless? Or that we had never shar d a single moment together which I could cherish? Truth was that I hated my father because I loved him so much and I wanted him to be there in my life. I wanted to feel worthy, purposeful because without him acknowledging me and loving me, even though my mom tried to, I still felt useless and a mistake. But then last year, I decided to look for him in order to forgive him for everything that he had Done that made me sad. And did I do that? Well, yes, I found him, told him my deal and forgave him and you know what? It was the best feeling in the world. It felt like a heavy burden had been lifted, eased, from my heart. So, what about forgiveness am I saying? I'm saying forgiveness aids progression. With forgiveness I moved on with my life, started to live life happier and stress free. So dear reader, I advice you to do the same and forgive your foe, your family or your friend. Stay blessed everyone! Ciao!


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